Buying a car is difficult, regular car maintenance is even more difficult, especially in a busy time, self-maintenance of the vehicle is both fast and proper and is a concern for all of us. FTSC Introduce you to read 3 simple steps to change the oil at home quickly.

Step 1: Prepare simple necessary tools
+ 1 old viscous inspiration of motorbike
+ 1 funnel used to light new viscosity for motorcycles
+ Lubricant rags
+ 1 need auto and lump tip 12, 14 or 17 mm to open oil drain plug. Depending on the type of motorcycle that uses different sizes of screws.
+ 1 mine by opening and screwing the viscous cap and covering the viscous magnet hole in the machine
+ 1 viscous box. This is the most important factor, you have to use GENUINE and suitable for stopping motorcycles, it is best to use brand-name lubricants on the market, ask the seller to consult the types of lubricants suitable for the number or train station.

Step 2: Conduct motor oil change,
It is recommended to change the oil when the engine is slightly hot, because when the engine is cooled, the oil will be completely drained.

You build a motorbike by standing on a flat background. If it is Honda’s number car, the viscous exhaust screw twists with a 17mm tip.

If you don’t have a twist, you can also get the 17mm lock. Lubricant discharge screws placed on the bottom of the machine near the pot. Use the tip to open the snail to drain the liquid until slightly liquid can turn your hand out, temporarily stop opening, put the viscous inspiration and then open the screw to discharge.

While waiting for the oil to flow out, open the viscous lid to make it available, and allow the air to flow quickly. When the oil has run out. Tighten the screw drain screw. Tighten this screw with moderate force. Tightening too hard will make deformed aluminum temple easy to cause viscous leakage. Squeeze too hard to damage the teeth of aluminum, or crack. Care should be taken with this screw tightening force.

Next, place the funnel in the viscous hole. Remove the new viscous bottle then light it. Screw the cover of the magnet hole, most of them are made of hats, so the force is light.

The number of Yamaha cars like Sirius, Jupiter screws and screw plugs 12mm. Place on the side of the machine under the electric tray. Some exhaust cars assembled with an iron mesh filter with a spring to block the filter like Yamaha Exciter, Honda’s Spacy. When lubricating these vehicles, you need to blow, wash this filter to clean and then reassemble it exactly as it was removed.

Step 3: Treat old oil
Don’t rush away from the old oil, you can resell to the collection points for recycling, some high-priced purchasing places will save you a significant amount. Do not pour viscous out or down the drain will cause environmental pollution and unsanitary.

A particularly important note for your oil change is really “right”: Learn carefully the right lubricant for your vehicle. The period of regular oil change for each model is not exactly the same; moreover, there is a difference between new and used cars.

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