To check viscosity, the vehicle must be placed on a flat surface, the engine is turned off and allowed to cool.

– Unscrew the viscometer from the tank.

– Clean the measuring rod with a towel and put it back into the tank for about 3 seconds before withdrawing.

– Compare the viscosity of oil in tank following  “MIN ”,” MAX ” it marked on the stick.

– Must add more oil if the oil is below “MAX”.

– Re-check the viscosity again and continue repeat the process until the viscosity reaches “MAX’ ’level, do not let the oil spill out of the tank.

Put the viscometer to the original location before closing the cap of the tank.

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>When enough viscosity, the Car will be:

Saving fuel, improving engine performance

Reducing friction between machine details

Prevent forming impurities, limit corrosion process.

Reducing emissions to the environment.

Choosing the right lubricant is very important for  performance and life of engines.

Lubricant consumption depends on:

  • Car engine
  • Car life
  • How to drive
  • Environmental conditions. If the viscosity consumption of the car is more than 1 liter / 1000km, should take the car to the reputable garage to check.